Green Lawn - Dr. James Snook


Green Lawn - Dr. James Snook


Green Lawn


James Howard Snook was a member of the U.S. Olympic Pistol Team, which won a Gold Medal at the 1920 Olympics. He later became a veterinarian and professor at The Ohio State University. He invented the snook hook, a surgical instrument which is still used in spaying animals.

Snook was convicted of murdering Theora Hix, a 29-year-old medical student with whom he had had a three-year affair. Snook was executed in 1930 at the Ohio Penitentiary, by means of the electric chair. He was buried in Green Lawn Cemetery after a short service at the King Avenue Methodist Church. His tombstone, on Lot 243 of Section 87, omits his last name, reading only "James Howard". The location of his grave was kept secret for 75 years until researchers at the Ohio Exploration Society discovered the location in 2005.





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