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Green Lawn - Samuel Prescott Bush
Gravesite of Samuel Prescott Bush, former president of Buckeye Steel. He is the grandfather of President George H.W. Bush and the great granfather of President George W. Bush.

Green Lawn - Rev. Washington Gladden
Gravesite of Rev. Washington Gladden, pastor of the First Congregational Church in Columbus. Gladden was a leader of the social gospel movement. He also served a term on the Columbus City Council and was a candidate for president of The Ohio State…

Green Lawn - Eddie Rickenbacker
Gravesite of World War I "Ace of Aces" Eddie V. Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker grew up in the home shown above, 1334 E. Livingston Ave.

Green Lawn - James Thurber
Gravesite of author and humorist James Thurber

Green Lawn - Peter Sells
Gravesite of Peter Sells, owner of the Sells Brothers Circus. The circus operated near present-day site of the Lennox Shopping Center. The Sells mansion is still standing at 755 Dennison Ave. in the Short North.

Green Lawn - Lucas Sullivant
Gravesite of Lucas Sullivant, founder of Franklinton. In the spring of 1795, Sullivant was appointed by the government to survey the lands close to the state of Virginia. He and his team of men entered the land now called Franklin County. It was…

Green Lawn - Dr. Lincoln Goodale
Gravesite of Dr. Lincoln Goodale, the first physician in Columbus. During the War of 1812, he volunteered and served as an assistant surgeon for the United States Army. Goodale was known for his charity in providing medical assistance to the poor. He…

Green Lawn - Ohio Historical Marker
Front Text : "Green Lawn Cemetery"
Landscape architect Howard Daniels designed the original portion of Green Lawn Cemetery in 1848. Noted Columbus architect Frank Packard designed Green Lawn's Chapel mausoleum, the Hayden family mausoleum, and the…

Green Lawn - Rev. Thomas Woodrow
Rev. Thomas Woodrow was the maternal grandfather of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. Rev. Woodrow was pastor of the Worthington Presbyterian Church and a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Green Lawn - Dr. James Snook
James Howard Snook was a member of the U.S. Olympic Pistol Team, which won a Gold Medal at the 1920 Olympics. He later became a veterinarian and professor at The Ohio State University. He invented the snook hook, a surgical instrument which is still…

Green Lawn - Rev. James Poindexter
Rev. James Preston Poindexter became pastor of Second Baptist Church in 1858 after Second Baptist and the Anti-Slavery church merged. He joined the Underground Railroad shortly after coming to Columbus with his wife, Adella, in 1838. in 1880, he…

Green Lawn - Oscar Kelton
Oscar Kelton was the son of Fernando and Sophia Kelton, prominent Columbus abolitionists. The Kelton House on East Town Street was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Oscar Kelton was killed in the Civil War in 1864.

Green Lawn - Simon Lazarus
Simon Lazarus was the founder of what was to become The F&R Lazarus & Co. He opened the Lazarus store in Columbus in 1851, assisted by his wife Amelia and sons Fred and Ralph. The Civil War demand for uniforms expanded the men's clothing industry and…

Green Lawn - Wolfe Family
Columbus Dispatch founder Robert F. Wolfe originally began work as a shoemaker and founder of the Wolfe Brothers Shoe Company. In 1903, Robert and his brother Harry P. Wolfe, purchased the Ohio State Journal . In 1905, they acquired the Columbus…

Green Lawn - Jeffrey Family
Joseph Jeffrey founded the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company in 1887. By the early 1900s, Jeffrey was one of the largest manufacturers of coal mining equipment.
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