Franklinton - Lucas Sullivant Home


Franklinton - Lucas Sullivant Home




Marker Text: This tablet is placed to mark the home of Lucas Sullivant who under authority form Virginia came to an unbroken wilderness and with twenty men surveyed this portion of the Virginia Military Lands. Later he returned and 1797 laid out the town of Franklinton now a part of the city of Columbus.

This his house of brick he built in 1808 and here he dwelt until his death. He was foremost in establishing the court, the church and the school and in 1816 he built the first bridge over the Scioto River.

This tribute to his worth as man an citizen is erected by the Franklin County Pioneer Association in 1926.

Rededicated by The Franklin County Historical Society April 30, 1953 One hundred fiftieth birthday of Ohio and Franklin County.




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