Early Ohio Settlements


Early Ohio Settlements


Early settlements in Franklinton and Columbus

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Franklinton - Overdier or Harrison House
The Harrison House or Jacob Overdier House, located at 570 West Broad Street, is one of the few remaining original structures in the Franklinton area. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. It was initially believed to…

Franklinton - Lucas Sullivant Land Office
Located behind the Overider/Harrison House at 570 W. Broad Street, the land office is where Lucas Sullivant sold and managed land in Columbus and Franklinton. This building was previously located at 714 W. Gay Street, but was moved to its present…

Franklinton - Lucas Sullivant Home
Marker Text: This tablet is placed to mark the home of Lucas Sullivant who under authority form Virginia came to an unbroken wilderness and with twenty men surveyed this portion of the Virginia Military Lands. Later he returned and 1797 laid out the…

Franklinton - Log Post Office/Deardurff House
David Deardurff built this two story hewed log house in 1807. Located at 72 S. Gift Street, it is the oldest known remaining structure in Franklin county still on its original foundation. The west room was Franklinton's first post office.

Franklinton - War of 1812 Indian Peace Treaty
Marker Text: Near this spot June 21, 1813 was held a council between General William Henry Harrison and the Indians comprising Wyandots, Delawares, Shawnees and Senecas with Tarhe the Crane as spokesman resulting in permanent peace with the Indians…

The Ohio Statehouse
Marker Text:
The Ohio Statehouse

In 1812, the Ohio legislature designated Columbus as the state capital, with local landowners contributing land and resources for a capitol building and penitentiary. The first Columbus statehouse, a Federal-style…
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