Transportation - National Road Marker


Transportation - National Road Marker




Marker Text:
The National Road
To George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others, a road to the Ohio Country was essential for the United States’ development. An overland route was the way west for settlers and goods, as well as a means to transport settlers’ produce to eastern markets. Construction of the National Road began at Cumberland, Maryland in 1811, reached Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1818, and entered Columbus at Main Street in 1833. The road turned north on High Street and continued west on Broad Street. Crossing Ohio and Indiana, the road continued into Illinois. The last section of the road from the Indiana border to Vandalia, Illinois opened in 1839. An original milestone at Christ Lutheran Church in Bexley indicates the distance from Cumberland (254) and to other points east (Wheeling, 124; Zanesville, 50) and west (Columbus, 3½)

Location: Main Street and Cassady Avenue, Bexley, Ohio




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