Camp Chase - Franklin County Historical Marker


Camp Chase - Franklin County Historical Marker


Camp Chase


Marker Text: The first Confederate prisoners arrived at Camp Chase from western Virginia, July 5, 1861. Within two weeks 4,200 rebel prisoners had been received at Camp Chase. During the early days of 1865 there were 7,000 prisoners at Camp Chase, a number which increased to 9,416.

In its years of government service Camp Chase served a four-fold purpose: It was first used as a training installation, a prison for Confederate captives, a place of detention for paroled Union soldiers and finally served as a mustering-out place for northern regiments. On July 5, 1865 the prison commandant notified the War Department that Camp Chase was without prisoners . . . and on July 14, 1865 the prison property was offered for sale at public auction.

Dedicated July 13, 1961

Erected by The Hilltop Kiwanis Club and The Franklin County Historical Society.

Location: W. Broad and Binns Blvd.





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