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Lustron home purchased by Helen Vogel, November 10, 1947
1818 E. Long St.
Columbus, OH 43203
1,021 Sq. Ft.
Westchester Delux

Lustron home - Owner information unavailable
2452 Lockbourne Rd.
Columbus, OH 43207
Dove Gray
Newport Model
Seriel Number 2333

A 1950 letter to the editor from Lustron President Carl Strandlund. Includes facts and statistics about Lustron Homes.

Henry Bolden, Jr., an African-American U.S. Army veteran who drove supply trucks in Belgium and France during World War II, purchased this home in Hanford Village in 1946 with help from the GI Bill.

Marker Text: Hanford Village was founded in the early 1900s just east of Columbus proper with its own mayor, police force, fire department, businesses, and park. After World War II, a subdivision of Hanford became a segregated community for returning…

Sgt. George E. Cheaney, an Army Air Coprs veteran of World War II, purchased this home in 1946.

When Interstate 70 came through Columbus in the 1960s, many homes in Hanford Village were eliminated. The remaining homes, wiith the exception of the few on Kent Street shown above, were cut off from the Hanford Village Park.

View of I-70 from…

Joel W. Travis, an African-American veteran of World War II from Tennessee, purchased this home in Hanford Village in 1946.

789 Lyman.jpg
Joseph L. Harrell, an African-American World War II veteran, purchased this home in Hanford Village in 1946.

Sgt. Ardel Poindexter, an African-American TEC 5 in the U.S. Army during World War II, purchased this home in 1946.

Gravesite of Samuel Prescott Bush, former president of Buckeye Steel. He is the grandfather of President George H.W. Bush and the great granfather of President George W. Bush.

Gravesite of Rev. Washington Gladden, pastor of the First Congregational Church in Columbus. Gladden was a leader of the social gospel movement. He also served a term on the Columbus City Council and was a candidate for president of The Ohio State…

Gravesite of World War I "Ace of Aces" Eddie V. Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker grew up in the home shown above, 1334 E. Livingston Ave.

Gravesite of author and humorist James Thurber

Gravesite of Peter Sells, owner of the Sells Brothers Circus. The circus operated near present-day site of the Lennox Shopping Center. The Sells mansion is still standing at 755 Dennison Ave. in the Short North.
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