Ohio in the Early National Era


Ohio in the Early National Era


Transportation and growth of Ohio in the early 1800s

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Transportation - The National Road
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Front Side - The National Road
After the Revolutionary War, our first President, George Washington, advocated the construction of a road linking cities in the United States from east to west. In 1806, President Thomas Jefferson signed…

Transportation - National Road Marker
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The National Road
To George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others, a road to the Ohio Country was essential for the United States’ development. An overland route was the way west for settlers and goods, as well as a means to…

Transportation - Canals
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Canal Winchester and the Ohio and Erie Canal

Side A: You are standing on the site of Ohio and Erie Canal. The canal helped to open the interior of Ohio to trade and settlement and played a part in Winchester's prosperity during the…

Immigration - The Irish in Columbus Marker
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The Irish in Columbus
Side A: Thousands of Irish immigrants came to Columbus to seek personal and religious freedom. With the "Great Hunger" in Ireland and the completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal and the National Road, immigration to…
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